Open an account

What documents are required in order to open an Individual account?

Clients must provide essential identification information, which includes a copy of identification (passport or identity card), proof of residency (such as utility bills, bank or credit card bill), and upload it on our website. Charterprime reserves the right to request additional information and in some cases certified copies of the documents are required.
Documents submitted are required to be in English, and if it is not, it is required to be translated into English, which is signed and verified either by Attorney or Notary.

What documents are required in order to open a Corporate account?

Clients must provide essential identification information, this includes:
1. Certificate of Incorporation*
2. Article of Organization*
3. Shareholder/s List*
4. Director/s List*
5. Shareholder/s passport**
6. Shareholder/s Proof of Residence**
7. Bank Statement of Corporate as Proof of Address
* Certificate of Incorporation, Article of Organization, Shareholder(s) List and Director(s) List are required in Original Scanned Copy. Besides that, all documents must be certified (signature and company stamp) by Company Secretary or Attorney or Notary.
** If there is more than 1 shareholder, kindly submit copies of identity card or passport and proofs of residence for the rest of the shareholders as well.
Documents submitted are required to be in English, and if it is not, it is required to be translated into English, which should be signed and verified either by Attorney or Notary.

What are the documents in the proof of residency?

Proof of residency documents include printed utility bills, bank or credit card statements, insurance billing or government issued letters. Date of documentation provided should be within three (3) months up to the current date of submission for them to be effective. Charterprime does not accept online bills or cell phone bills.

What software is required to make transactions on my account?

Clients can download Charterprime's MetaTrader 4, free of charge at their convenience. Please click on the link below and then click on the [Download MT4] button for the official download of the software: https://www.charterprime.com/ch/pages/product/platform/mt4.html

Why do I need to upload my documents for account validation?

In order to fulfil our regulatory compliance requirements, it is compulsory for us to operate in a state of being in accordance with established compliance guidelines, specifications and certain process to ensure that we are abiding by our regulatory authority. Moreover, Charterprime encompass efforts to ensure our clients are in fair and square trading experience in order to meet our mission as to create a long-term partnership with each and every one of our client.

How can I update my personal information?

Clients can send an email to enquiry@charterprime.com from their registered email to update their personal information and attach supporting documents along with the email, if necessary(e.g. proof of identity or proof of address).Please take note that the username and base currency of the trading account cannot be changed once the account is registered and validated.

Can I open two different accounts with the same username and email address?

In the event where the trader wants to open a new trading account with different username, the email address used must be different from the previous registered trading account as ONE username can only be synchronized with ONE registered email address. However, clients are allowed to open up to 5 trading accounts under the same username.

Can I use my passport or identification card as my Proof of Address?

Passport or identification card are not accepted as a proof of residence. Only documents stated above are accepted and the date of the documents must not be more than 3 months from the current date.

What should I do if I forgot my MT4 account username and/or password?

In case you forgot your MT4 account username, send in an email to enquiry@charterprime.com from your registered email. Take note that we are unable to send you a new password if you forgot your MT4 account password. In the event that you have forgotten your MT4 account password, do go to our website and click 'Sign in', followed by clicking on 'Forgot my password' and fill in whatever required. If you have forgotten both the username and password, send in an email to us to request for your username, then follow the procedure stated above to obtain a new password.

What will happen if my account has no balance?

There will be no issue even if the account remains at zero balance for a long time.

What will cause my account to be in dormant state?

Take note that the live account you registered with Charterprime is a lifetime account. The account will not be dormant even if the account is inactive for a long time. However, if our Trading Team find any disruptive trading activities done by the trader, we will disable the trader's account immediately.

Foreign exchange

What is leverage?

Leverage in foreign exchange enables Clients to trade with the least amount of money. Leverage turns every single dollar into a usable ratio. Each dollar in the trading actually defines capital that bears a certain amount of risk. For instance, if you deposited $100 and the leverage ratio is 1:100, every dollar deposited (i.e. margin) is matched with $100 at your disposal. When this $100 is used as margin for trading contracts, in theory you could make maximum transactions of up to $10,000 (100x100).

What is a lot?

A lot is a unit of measurement for the contract order size. A standard lot is usually 100,000 units of currency. Charterprime offers micro lots, with the smallest available for EURUSD as an example being 0.01 lots or USD 1,000.

What is a pip?

A pip defines the unit which you use to count the unit of profit or loss. Most currency pairs (except Japanese yen pairs) are quoted to four decimal places. Generally, one takes the fourth spot of a decimal point figure (at one 100th of a cent) for the calculation of "pips". For example, if the EUR/USD rises from 1.4022 to 1.4027, the EUR/USD is said to have risen by 5 pips.

Why do exchange rates change?

Forex is traded in a decentralised open market. The value of currency fluctuates due to market supply and demand changes. An increase in supply or a decrease in demand for a currency can cause the value of that currency to fall and vice versa.

What spreads do you offer?

We offer tight pricing, whilst maintaining solid depth for larger order sizes. You can read the spreads we offer here.

What is leverage? What leverage do you offer?

Leverage is a by-product of margin and allows an individual to control larger trade sizes. We offer leverages from range 50:1 to 500:1. The leverage available depends on account type and initial deposit. For more details, please send us an email to enquiry@charterprime.com, or contact your Account Manager.

Trading Platform

What platform does Charterprime use for trading?

Charterprime offers the world’s most popular trading platform Metatrader 4. This is available to be downloaded as software, but Clients can also access it via iPhone or Android mobile applications at their convenience.

What do I do if I have forgotten the password to my trading account?

First, visit our website - www.charterprime.com. Next, look for [User Login] or [Sign In] and click on [Forget password]. On the columns of reset password, enter your username and the registered e-mail with Charterprime. Next, enter your new password to reset password. Relevant information will then be sent to your registered email with Charterprime.

How can the MT4 trading platform be installed on my phone or tablet computer?

You can download the mobile version of MT4 into your smartphone or tablet. It does not only include a built-in account management feature, but also the function to do analysis. Currently, MT4 trading platform can be accessed through most of the phones and PCs available in the market. To download the mobile version of the MT4 trading platform, please look for the software download page for mobile devices.

Do you charge any commissions for spreads?

We do not charge any commissions on our Variable Accounts. However, there is $8USD per standard lot commission is charge for our ECN accounts.

What is swap?

Swap is an amount that will be either paid or charged to an account for any positions that are held overnight.

Where can I find the current swap rates?

Clients can obtain the swap rates on their MT4 platform. First, right click any one of the currency pair in the market watch panel. Then click 'Symbols', followed by clicking on the currency pair which you wish to see the swap rate. Click 'Properties' and scroll down to see the swap short and long rate.

What is margin? How can I calculate the margin required?

Margin is a good faith deposit that a trader puts up as collateral to hold an open position. In short, margin is an amount used to hold an open position that will ultimately be determined by trade size. As the trade size increases, the margin requirement will increase as well.The required/used margin is calculated as follows: Number of Lots * Contract Size / Leverage.Take note that a different margin is required to hold an open position for other products such as CFDs, Gold and Silver. For more details, click here.

What is your margin call and stop out policy?

At Charterprime, margin call is exercised on a real time and automatic basis. When an account received a margin call, the client will receive a notification on the MT4 platform informing them that their account is approaching a margin call level.Stop out will be exercised when the equity drops to or below stop out level. The positions are forced to close one by one at market price to prevent our client’s account from having a negative balance. Bear in mind that margin is not a fee or transaction cost to a trader. In fact, it is a portion of your account equity set aside and allocated as a margin deposit mainly to protect the clients as well as the interest of our company.

What is stop loss?

Stop Loss/Stop Order is mainly to minimize the risk of further loss if the position begins to move towards an unprofitable direction. The position will closed automatically when the security reaches that specific level set by the trader. Bear in mind that when the market is volatile or illiquid, your stop order may not be exercised at your desired price and you will receive the next best approaching conductible price.

What is take profit?

Take Profit order is to close an open position and realizing the profit when the security price has reached the desired price set by the trader. This can be done while making an order or after the order is executed on our MT4 platform.

What is pending order?

A Pending Order is an order to buy or sell at a specific price. There are four types of pending orders, which include Buy Limit order, Sell Limit order, Buy Stop order and Sell Stop order. A Buy Limit order and Sell Stop order will be executed when the market price touches or falls lower than the limit/stop price, whereas a Sell Limit order and Buy Stop order will be executed when the market price touches or rises higher than the limit/stop price. The Pending Orders can be opened/cancelled by the trader on the MT4 platform during trading hours.

Can I change my leverage?

Yes, you can. Send in an email to enquiry@charterprime.com to request to change the leverage. Please note that the leverage cannot be changed if your account has open position.

Account Funding

What should I know before making deposit?

Charterprime facilitates multi-currency deposits through a number of channels. There are multiple ways to Deposit into your Client Account through outlined in the CRM [Deposit] page. If you have any questions surrounding the available Deposit methods, please contact our Client Service team or your Account Manager.

Are there any transaction fees?

Charterprime does not charge any transaction fees for the matter of deposit. But, bank or service providers which you adopt may ask for some surcharges upon their service. For clarification on any of these specific fees or charges, please contact our Client Service team or your Account Manager.

Are there any minimum requirements before you open an account with Charterprime?

Charterprime sets a USD 100 minimum starting amount prior to opening an account. Please note when considering the initial deposit amount that the minimum withdrawal is USD 200.

How to Make Deposit?

Charterprime has multiple methods for depositing into your Client Account. Please visit the [Deposit] page in the Member’s Login area for full instructions and overview.

How to Make Withdrawal?

The Client must first submit an application for withdrawal. Next, log into the Member’s Area and on the [withdrawal] column completes filling all the required info before submitting. Please note that the withdrawal amount for each transaction must be at least USD 200. Charterprime will charge a USD 40 fee for each of the withdrawal made. If there were no sufficient funds in Client accounts, the Client's application of withdrawal will be rejected.

What currency will my account have? In which currencies can I deposit into my mt4 trading account?

We are currently offering USD, AUD and EUR as our account base currency. If you are transferring the funds other than the currencies stated above via any one of our official payment gateway authority (Neteller, Skrill etc), the funds will be automatically converted into the base currency of your account using their prevailing exchange rate.

Can I withdraw my money if I have any open position?

As long as your free margin is beyond the specified amount in our withdrawal instructions, your withdrawal request can be processed. Otherwise, our system will not accept your request. Please take note that the credit bonus in your account out and will be deducted from your available equity upon the withdrawing process.

How long does it take to process a withdrawal request?

We will proceed your request within 24 hours. Please take note that we have several withdrawing channels that might take about 72 hours to work until you receive the money. Please take note each withdrawal request will be shown in Charterprime's member area for user’s reference. Once you have met all the withdrawal requirements stated in our Terms & Conditions, the amount will be deducted from your MT4 Account and transferred into your account. As mentioned above, it will take 3 working days (or less) for the actual funds to be deposited into the user's account although the status in the system is at 'Success' before the actual fund is deposited. For Telegraphic Transfer(TT), it is subject to the intermediate banking procedures which may take several working days in order for you to receive your money.

Can I transfer funds to another client's trading account?

At Charterprime, we do not allow any third-party transactions. All funding is required to come from bank accounts with a matching account holder’s name as the registered name under the CHARTERPRIME account. To protect against money-laundering activities and fraud cases, we will only channel your funds to the MT4 account if the name of account holder is identical with the registered name under Charterprime Account.

Can I transfer funds to my other trading account?

Yes, you can. At Charterprime, we allow clients to open up to 5 trading accounts under the same username. In this case, the internal transfer is feasible.

Is there any withdrawal fees charges?

For more information about the withdrawal fees, please refer to our website at www.charterprime.com. Go to 'Account', followed by 'Funding Method'.

Company Basic information

Is Charterprime regulated?

Charterprime operates in several key locations and regulatory environments, including the Australian Securities and Investments Commission ASIC (AFSL #421210) and the New Zealand Financial Services Providers (registration number 348606) to ensure the legitimacy of financial services provided. By providing a safe and secure trading environment to clients, we aim to assist and protect investors from financial fraud and other unfair investment behavior.

Charterprime’s customer service hours?

Charterprime business hours are Monday to Friday from 00: 00-12: 00 (GMT+0). Nevertheless, Charterprime's customer service team is available 24/7 from Monday to Friday. For any questions or for more information, please contact us at enquiry@charterprime.com and the team will reply to you within 24 hours upon receiving your email.

What are the key differences between Charterprime and other foreign exchange brokers?

In addition to being secure and regulated, Charterprime provides exclusive account managers to provide one-to-one professional assistance to individual clients.

In addition, Charterprime maintains a good relationship with a number of major liquidity providers to ensure customers are always getting the most competitive pricing. The company also provides clients a number of value-added programs, which aim to reduce transaction costs of investors.