Since its establishment, Charterprime has worked to provide a trading platform and liquidity offering which meets the needs of traders and brokers alike. We are committed to maintaining good connections with a number of top liquidity and technology providers. The sophistication of our technical infrastructure and strength of our long-term liquidity partners allows us to offer our clients the lowest and most competitive spread, with impressive depth in all instruments.

Charterprime prides itself on conducting all business with integrity and transparency. This is represented by enforcing a wholly STP (Straight-Through-Processing) model, which allows for transparent and ethical pricing. This helps avoid any conflicts of interest between us as a broker and our Clients, and also streamlines all transaction processes.

Our team is built from a pool of professionals with real industry experience. Our team comprises of a multitude of people from all over the globe with a diverse range of specialities; and together our global team collaborates in tight synchronicity to make Charterprime a world-leading broker. We look beyond the normality of everyday broking, to provide a unique all-encompassing professional service to our highly valued clients.

We strive to exceed the typical customer support expectations, to better equip our clients with additional support and tools to ensure the best trading experience. This includes exclusive market analysis tools, personal account managers, an in-house audit team, 24-hour customer service team and even an experienced team of actuaries, whose strengths lie in investment-related risk management.

Everything we do at Charterprime, we believe in making business personal. We pride ourselves on creating personalized solutions for all of our valued partners. Find out how you can better your trading experience today!

Providing An Exceptional Trading Experience

No Dealing-Desk: STP (Straight-Through-Processing) system, in which Clients' orders are sent directly to our liquidity partners with no delay in execution;

Rapid execution: Every single transaction is completed within one second, without any trading restrictions;

Tailored Liquidity Solutions: Speak to our Management Team about how they can assist with your specific liquidity needs across any of our instruments, and provide highly optimized trading conditions.