Introducing Brokers (IB) Program


Charterprime has been striving to develop partnership programs which are designed to reward Introducing Brokers who are able to refer business to our foreign exchange brokerage. Charterprime offers a unique Introducing Broker platform with in-depth analysis of your clients and revenue streams, this sets us apart in the industry.

Instant commission payment calculation.

No minimum starting amount requirements.

No minimum Client requirements.

Extensive training and access to a dedicated account manager.

Introducing Broker Toolkit

Our Introducing Broker Toolkit is a proprietary custom built software suite designed specifically to assist you in growing business and associated rebate revenue.

Diversified Marketing Tools
As a Charterprime Introducing Broker, you can access a wide range of marketing tools for your business:
  • The Charterprime FX Marketing Manual allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the forex market, its operational patterns, future prospects and some handy compliance information on marketing Foreign Exchange products.
  • Customised advertisements, marketing leaflet templates and banner design for your events.
  • Charterprime customised freebies and goodie bags containing stationery and other assorted brand-building tools.
  • Charterprime executives are also available to assist with presentations at your event.
Unbeatable Support
Charterprime provides Introducing Brokers with an advanced support and reporting platform equipped with a concise interface for transactional information and business analytics.
  • Provide a real-time management toolset for monitoring of new user accounts and client onboarding status.
  • Easing account opening process.
  • 24/5 real-time phone, skype, WhatsApp, QQ and live-chat support.
  • Comprehensive set of news headlines and analysis tools for keeping your clients informed.
Experienced Speakers and Trainings
In Charterprime, forex is more than a short-term investment, thus, Charterprime provides not only alternatives for profit making, but also makes provision for professional trainings in ensuring you benefit from the essential forex knowledge in a long run.
  • Monthly trainings and lectures from experienced speakers in the industry.
  • Free marketing classes and trainings.
Professional Seminars, Presenters and Webinars
Charterprime are able to assist you in growing your business by being able to provide executive staff and experienced FX industry presenters and educators for your events or webinars.
  • Free online forex trading seminars which provide a distinctive and comprehensive set of market analysis guidelines and tips.
  • Well-respected speakers can be invited to share financial insights and in-depth analysis of market trends.
  • Interactive discussion platforms which often range from 30 to 100 participants via social networking to assist in building a healthy trading community.
  • Industry veterans, published financial authors and Charterprime executives are able to be provided to present at large scale events, covering a range of topics from institutional liquidity to forward views on the FX market.